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Homepage Redesign for AlgaeCal

Homepage redesign
Homepage redesign
Homepage redesign
Homepage redesign


AlgaeCal helps older women maintain active lifestyles with their all-natural, clinically-proven supplements.


With the company now doubled in size and sales, we were at a new level. We were less concerned with using our home page for aggressive sales pitches and wanted a subtler, slower pace that showed AlgaeCal as a confident and credible brand.


I worked with a copywriter and marketing department leaders to plan the content. I selected photos from stock as well as original photos from our in-house photographer. I designed the layouts and created mockups to present to the marketing team and the CEO.


The central focus is an adventurous photo which shows the aspiration of the customer — not to let age stop her from living her best life.

One challenge was that I wanted to show the product in the photo somehow without simply overlaying it. But in this case, the product itself was not the focus and doesn’t appear until later. The intention here is ‘show the benefit, not the bottles.’

I also took the opportunity to modernize some different branding elements: a simplified navigation and call-to-action button.