Motion Highlights Reel

Selections of my motion design and animation; some for business, others for pleasure.

News Feed Filter for Facebook

A self-initiated proposal for the Facebook UI which would allow users to filter their News Feed content by topic.

I designed the interface, created a working prototype in Axure RP, did user studies and animated the presentation with After Effects.

Party of Four

Audio by David Dineen Porter

A podcast in which four comedians partake in a nonsensical roleplaying game. The show’s creator asked me to animate a segment of the podcast in order to generate interest.


My role was designing and animating all visual elements: logo, character design, art and animation. The video is not yet released but you can view a sample of it here.

Self Absorb

Self Absorb is a fantasy animation web series. The first episode on Vimeo reached 11k hits on its first day thanks to going mini-viral on reddit.


I created the show entirely for fun and took responsibilities for all art, animation, character design, music, sound effects… Everything except much of the voice-acting. This involved Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Sketchup, Logic.