An interactive tool for students learning the basics of typography. Since this tool will be used in schools, the material needed to be presented in a simple, neutral way.

My roles: Concepting, wireframing, design, animation (Flash)

I adopted a modern, institutional style and used shades of gray to distinguish the navigation section. The quiz includes brief text animations to keep the mood light-hearted.

Launch (Flash)


Foliata is a new online store specializing in gardening supplies like soil, heirloom seeds, and high-quality tools. Foliata's brand is about nostalgia, Americana, and the coastal lifestyle. The logo needed to convey all of this while remaining earthly and plant-like.

An anchor shape signifies the ocean and is combined with an antique “F” letterform and softened with leafy curves. The outer circle gives the feeling of an antique seal or could also represent an enclosed garden, a piece of the ocean that has been taken home.

My roles: Logo concepting, Illustrator




Smith is a rustic pub in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. This is a proposed 3-ad suite to be printed in Seattle Weekly or The Stranger.

My roles: Concepting and Photoshop

The idea here was to promote Smith’s image as an old time hunting lodge. An antique photo shows the kind of patrons that Smith’s audience feel like they might be eating amongst. References to hunting are appropriate for a pub with taxidermied animals and communicates that this is no place for vegetarians- rather it is a place to eat roasted bone marrow and bacon-wrapped dates.
Franchise Football

I designed Icons, ads, and graphic elements for an online football game.

One challenge was making recognizable teams and jerseys without using any actual NFL trademarked visuals or names.

Zumobi ads

Zumobi places sponsors’ advertisements as interactive features within their mobile apps. Clients included Ford, MSNBC, REI, Lexus, Dwell, Kohler, and Parenting.

I created mobile ads in Photoshop following branding guidelines. Here are some examples showing the loading screen ad, a collapsing banner ad, and a “Brandblast” microsite.

Zumobi Network

Creative Director: Shannon Carter

Zumobi needed a microsite catalog to display their mobile apps. The site consists of a detail view for individual apps and a list view showing all apps. The distinct Zumobi fin-shape ties the two pages together visually.

I designed the layout and mockups based on wireframes from the Creative Director.


Seattle Times Company
site redesign concepts

Creative Director: Laura McAdoo

Early-stage concepts for the redesign of the Seattle Times Company's corporate site. The objective was to convey STC's active engagement with the community using bold visuals for raw, emotional impact.

These were the concepts I contributed. In most of these examples, I explored aspects of the tagline “Where Life Unfolds” which when taken beyond the newspaper pun can also refer to daily life, historical events, and the flora of the Northwest, all represented here.



Web site design for Alexus, an online snowboard retailer. After looking at snowboarding sites all over the web, I decided there are basically two styles. The first is the manufacturer site, which has bold, edgy graphics, community interaction, and casual language. These sites are fun and communicate the brand's message clearly to its audience. The second style is the retailer site, which loses the attitude and is more generic looking but is functionally solid and shoppers feel comfortable spending money there.

My goal with Alexus was to combine the best of both and end up with a retailer that looks trustworthy but also uses the visual language of the manufacturer sites to resonate better with its audience. Visitors to the site are welcomed by a large, stylized photo modeled after photography in snowboard magazines. The Alexus logo itself looks like it could be a snowboard brand with its blocky letters. Blog articles and tweets are displayed on the front page, but all shopping features are always available on the left navigation.


Evantage is Seattle Times' subscriber rewards program which is delivered in the form of email coupons.

I created new templates with the current branding and responsive functionality for use with Mobile devices.

Launch (HTML)

Car Infographic (UK)

An infographic for Seven Figure Project about the expenses of car ownership in the UK.

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  • Precision

    Online banner ads for Precision Overhead Garage Door Service.

    I concepted, selected stock photos, and designed the ads.

  • Golden Glen Creamery

    Full page magazine ad proposal for Golden Glen Creamery, a local family-owned and operated dairy farm.

    My Roles: Concepting, copy-writing, directing photo shoots, and design. Photography by Matthew Malcham.

    I expanded upon the idea of family and envisioned a sitcom scene in which each cheese flavor is personified as a character. I worked with on two separate photo-shoots to create this collage.


    An animated info-graphic about the missing third of our life. Soothing tones of blue-violet evoke a gentle slumberland and floating clouds enshroud the transitions like a mysterious dream. The illustrations are rendered in a very simplified geometric style appropriate for an information graphic. The music and narration are subdued to match the tranquil visuals.

    Self Absorb

    Self Absorb is a fantasy animation currently on it’s fourth episode. The first episode on Vimeo reached 11k hits on its first day thanks to going mini-viral on reddit.

    I created the show entirely for fun and took responsibilities for all art, animation, character design, music, sound effects… Everything except much of the voice-acting. This involved Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Sketchup, Logic.

    Party of Four

    A podcast in which four comedians partake in a nonsensical roleplaying game. The show’s creator asked me to animate a segment of the podcast in order to generate interest.

    My role was designing and animating all visual elements: logo, character design, art and animation. The video is not yet released but you can view a sample of it here. Audio by David Dineen-Porter

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    If you have any comments, questions, or critiques, I would be happy to talk. You can use the form on the left or send me an Email: helloiano [at]

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